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How to Lose Belly Fat?


Most people are not aware of the fact that spot reduction is a myth. They try hard to lose their belly fat just by doing Ab Exercises which will provide zero results.

You need to do whole body exercises in order to lose belly fat. If you are a beginner, you can start with simple cardio exercise like walking, running and so on and then move to a proper exercise routine.

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How to lose belly fat with exercises and diets?  

A custom exercise routine and a personalized diet plan is a must to lose belly fat naturally. 

Why most people can't lose their belly fat even after doing exercise or following a diet plan?

This happens because they don't follow a custom exercise routine and a personalized diet plan which is suitable for their body. Every exercise can't be right for your body. Every diet won't suit your body. You need a workout routine and a diet plan which is customized for your body. Only then you can lose your belly fat.  

What happens if I don't follow a custom exercise and a personalized diet plan?

There are a lot of side effects if you don't do things correctly during weight loss. You will lose weight by losing your muscle mass instead of burning belly fat. Hence your muscles will become weak. You may also lose water weight instead of fat and hence your body will have less water content than average level which inturn leads to some more side effects. You need to learn the right things to get rid of belly fat permanently.

How to find the best diet plan and a personalized workout routine for my body?

Preparing a custom workout routine and a personalized diet plan is a complex and time consuming process. It needs to be identified based upon a variety of factors including your current weight, gender, your fitness activities in the past, lifestyle, and so on.

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We all know that exercises will definitely keep us fit and prevents any disease from entering the body. The problem is that we do not wish to undergo any kind of strains unless and until required. It has become the mind set of modern days as people spend more time sitting with television sets and computers. There are few common excuses given by the people who skip exercises concerned with their body. These excuses and the self motivation that one has to develop to overcome these excuses are discussed in the next few paragraphs.

Time factor

The most common excuse given by people is that they do not have enough time for doing exercises after their works in the office or even in the home in case of homemakers. We do not hesitate to spend time for the activities which we like and for those which are our works of routine life professionally and personally. The same way we should motivate ourselves that spending time doing exercises is of great personal use as it tunes the body and keeps it fit. It can be said that one who avoids exercises and saves time would spend the same amount of time in hospitals or with medicines in course of their life.


People tend to say that they will be tired while returning home and can not concentrate again on physical routines. This is a wrong notion and the real fact is that tiredness is mainly because of inactivity. As one gets going with physical fitness methods, the unnecessary energy stored in the body are broken up and problems like belly fats, cholesterol are averted in the initial stage itself.


This is another lame excuse used by people that their body will not bend for doing physical exercises because of age factor. If the exercise methods are taken from young age, it will get stored in mind and the body would definitely ease out while doing these exercises at any age. Of course, the intensity of exercises can not be maintained but can be altered based on requirements. In any case, the exercises are necessary in keeping oneself fit and free from diseases and inorder to reduce belly fat, it is a must to do at least low intensity exercises..


Exercises are avoided as they think that there is no real need for them because they are going to be a body building or something equivalent to that. Ideas like these must be totally erased from mind because it is after all our own body which complies with all wear and tear, desires and strains imposed by our thoughts. Self motivation is the best tool in overcoming these common excuses which will lead to a path of healthy, body and mind.




Taking up the fitness routines needs important promises which are mental, emotional and time. These commitments should be upheld throughout and the fitness programs should never be a start-stop process which will ultimately result in nothing. The health of a person is influenced vastly by age factor, sex and hereditary natures which are not under the control of human being and is just a design of Mother Nature. But we are gifted with three other attributes which we can alter as desired that will play a compensating role in maintaining health and fitness.

Check Up

Just like a batsman wearing up equipments and taking guard, one has to asses his personal profile regarding health and fitness. Going for health check up is the only advisable way wherein all the basic deficiencies of the body are diagnosed. Light can be thrown on syndromes like blood pressure, heart condition, bone strength and muscle problems easily with the help of preliminary checkups. After this, a variety of questions should be answered regarding normalcy and necessary advice should be sought before stepping into fitness programs. Few such factors that require medical attention are heart problems, dizziness, and blood pressure. Medical precautions are indispensible when one prepares to undergo a routine which is different from regular tasks.

Dressing Equipments

After the precautionary steps of medical importance, one can switch over to the phase of choosing his personal clothing materials that will fit him for doing exercises. The selection of clothing depends on physical structure and lot on weather conditions.

For warm conditions, light colored cotton clothing should be worn as the body should be made to cool by itself in sweating process. Plastic and rubber like materials should be strictly prohibited as it rapidly increases body temperature. In cold conditions, the body heat must be trapped inside and hence multiple layer of clothing should be used however, the first layer must be of cotton material.

Necessary attention should be made such that the dress does not hinder you while doing exercises and which are loose enough to a small extent that will enable movement of muscles and body quite freely.

How to Dressing

A slightly loose dressing that will give freedom to your body must be worn such that it must not be very loose that you can not see your own body muscles doing the exercises. A fit belt to hold up the body parts, shoes and gloves must be used. Braces must be used to avoid straining injured or immobilized body parts. Athletic shoes must be used which are available in a wide range depending on the needs. The upper jackets for both the sex and bras for female must be fitting and should impose friction on body.

These equipments should be arranged without compromise to step in for systematic approach.




The training modules are the ones which are offered based on various desires of a person. The training can be taken up for any of the reasons like increasing muscle strength, flexibility, endurance and losing weight. As these factors are very much correlated, a mix of training procedures is also welcomed.

Fitness and weight

Becoming fit with physique is definitely not by losing weight alone. This is an odd notion in the mind which is not true and sometimes body weight may have to be increased in proportion with the appearance or structure. The main objective in keeping oneself fit is reduce cholesterol levels in the belly region and also in the other parts of the body and enable healthy functioning of vital body organs without any disruption. The basic parameters by which a person’s fitness can be described are by calculating the cardio respiratory endurance, the flexibility, strength and toughness of muscle. The strength is the ability of muscles to last long to get fatigued and flexibility is the span to which the ligaments, tendons are flexible.

There are four major categories which are aerobic, anaerobic, stretching and strengthening.

Aerobic Exercises

The aerobic exercises are nothing but using up of oxygen in the exercise routines. This is a basic building block of any fitness training program. These exercises strengthens heart, relieves mental and physical stress, increases oxygen using capacity of human body and exhausts calories and fats. The aerobic exercises are those which are made by rhythmic and continuous movement of group of muscles. Jogging, walking and biking are common examples of aerobic exercises which drastically improves the capability of heart, lungs, and blood vessels to use up oxygen and burn out energy.

Stretching procedures

The stretching exercises are mainly done to prevent injury and soaring of muscles and tissues. This enables full blood flow and circulation in the concerned region which increases the resistance and fitness to undergo the strains. After the exercise, it just cools down the muscles and prevents any fatigue in that muscle region. Also, stretching increases the scope of movement of a particular body part and also keeps the muscles intact and at par for any applications. This is the first step before doing any belly fat workouts mentioned in this website.


It is done by using weight lifting methods that will increase the endurance of muscles and enables it to grow and tolerate strains. Weight training, muscle exercises, resistance exercises are various formats that will increase the strength of muscles.

Anaerobic exercises

All the exercises that are done at short bursts come under anaerobic category. The bursts last for about half a minute to one and half minutes. All the exercises done for pushing the body, un natural movements and exercises to perform specific tasks are anaerobic exercises which specifically increases efficiency of a given body part.




The frequency of your workouts and the target you would like to achieve are some basic elements that need to be planned before hand. This article will give you clear picture about the frequency of exercises, the intensity and the necessary precautions to complete the exercises till the end.


The aerobic exercises should be done three times a week preferably on non consecutive days. Doing the same for about two times a week will prove in sufficient and doing four times a day will strain your body more than required. The reason behind exercises done on alternate days is that the body copes up and adapt to strains on the days of rest rather than on the days of workout on gyms. Also it is necessary to give some relaxation to muscles and joints to recover from strains. It is to be noted that a single session should be carried out for at least twenty minutes continuously. If not, in early stages one can start with ten minutes session and gradually increase up to 20 minutes. Researchers have proven that 30 minutes of exercise will give maximum benefits and once one gets used to do exercises for longer duration, you should maintain his standards.


The intensity should be maintained such that the breathing level should increase rapidly and the heart rate also must advance at a faster pace. This intensity level must surely be reached in order to attain maximum benefits. The 30 minutes session which you undertake must be with full concentration and self motivation such that you won’t give up at a point of time during the course of exercise. Intensity of exercise should be increased step by step. If you suddenly practice high intensity exercises, you may face serious physical problems.


There is a simple mechanism to calculate the heart rate. The maximum heart rate is derived by subtracting your age from 220. This value should be multiplied with .65 to get the minimum heart rate for training. The range of numbers between the Maximum and Minimum heart rate gives your target heart rate.


Excessive aerobic exercises should never be done as it increases the oxygen content which induces much of oxidative reactions that will be harmful for the body. Too much of oxidation breaks up the muscles and will not help building them. Exercises are just like medicines where a minimum intake gives less results and maximum intake will prove hazardous. So, it is necessary to give workouts at an optimum level. The level not to cross is easily indicated by the body in the form of pain and fatigue which can be easily felt and remedial actions can be taken. These remedial actions should strictly be for the body and mind willingness must not force any hasty decisions of continuing exercises with injured body.




It is likely that injuries occur while doing exercise which is part and parcel of physical workout training programs. Injuries occur due to sudden or unavoidable accidents. But, majority of injuries resulting from exercising is because of over reaching goals within short duration. It is perfectly normal to have aches and pains when exercises are started or intensity is increased which can be avoided by proper stretching and warm ups. In case of other situations, the side effects are said to be abnormal and need special attention. Most common injuries related to muscles are because of lack of stretching and warms ups which are discussed here in this article.

Warming up

Warm up exercises hardly should be done for 3 to 5 minutes which sends out blood to circulate all over the body and prepare muscles for strain. Warm up procedures are done before starting the exercises. It is just a beginning command for muscles to get ready for duration of hard toil. A good warm up exercise increases body temperature, burns out calories and tunes the cardio vascular system. Some of the common ways of warming up are stretching (Most Recommended), jogging, walking, jumping etc. Once the body tends to cope up with small increase in temperature, stretching exercises should be done by simply pulling and pushing arms, legs and joints.

Cooling down

This is done after finishing the exercise routines. Cooling down is just the phase of transition between active stress for muscles to a stage of normalcy or rest. The worst thing would be to sit idle or stop moving after completing exercises. This will cause accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle region and cause severe soreness and aches. The finest way to finish is to slowly reduce the tempo of exercise to rest. For example, one who is carrying out treadmill workout can lower his treadmill speed while finishing. The main objective is to keep the blood moving in the body. Stretching is another method to cool down body where the muscle regions should be subjected to slow and moderate stretching. Stretching should be done meticulously and jerking should be avoided completely. Rehydration should also be done by intake of nutrient drinks and glucose suppliers. 

Breathing Control

Breathing is as important as the above mentioned things as it contributes immensely in moving of blood and removal of ache inducing lactic acid. Though breathing is quite involuntary, care should be taken to have a control over it. Breathing should be slow, rhythmic and relaxed where inhaling should be by nose and exhaling should be by mouth. Always, air should be exhaled when any of our body cavity (generally stomach) is squeezed and vice versa.


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