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Ab Rocket Twister Reviews



Getting flatter abs is a dream for every individual. However, most people are too busy to join a gym and spend too much time or money on it. This has lead to the flooding of markets with products that would help you reduce tummy fat within your house, without spending much.

One such product that has been widely popular and is being one of the favorites among fitness enthusiasts is Ab Rocket. Ab Rocket Twister is the newer version of Ab rocket with twisting feature to double your results.

Ab Rocket

One of the major problems faced while doing ab exercises such as crunches, half crunch, sit-ups, reverse crunches and so on is back ache which happens due to lack of support to the neck and back.

The basic design of Ab Rocket revolves around this imminent problem of floor exercises and is designed like an inclined high-chair, so that there is enough support to your back and neck while working out.

Ab Rocket is the easiest way to do your regular exercises without any sort of muscle crunches or pain. The spring that supports the Ab Rocket gives the much needed resistance that gives you a push when you go down doing your sit ups or crunches.

There are three different resistance levels and you could choose the one that suits you the best. Checkout how ab rocket differs from traditional exercises.

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How It Works

One important fact that most people do not understand is that, Rectus Abdominis or commonly called the six packs and lower abs are two totally different groups of muscles.

The major function of the Rectus Abdominis is to help you with your standing position that is your basic posture and also other related functions like bending forward.

However, doing exercises that target these muscles would not be enough to reduce your lower abdomen. You have to do almost diagonally opposite exercises to burn the fat that is accumulated in your lower abdomen.

Thus working on the muscle below your six packs around the midriff is most important. Flattening these muscles would be the only way to bring about a visible change in your shape.

Toning up these muscles which are called Tansversus Abdominis would help you to bring desirable hourglass figure. Ab Rocket Twister helps you to concentrate your exercise exactly at this region.

There is a tolling cushion that messages your back as you rock in the ab rocket. This added feature gives the much needed relaxation to your back.


ab rocket system

Advantages of Ab Rocket


Ab Rocket is the only fitness equipment that is chair shaped and gives best support to the back and neck with the special padded rollers. When you are lifting yourselves from the crunch position you can feel the pressure in the belly button, exactly where you would want it to be felt.

This resistance and support are unique and you would not have the feeling of working out rather it would be just like you are relaxing in your recline chair. It is very easy to assemble the Ab Rocket (takes only 10 minutes) and can be used immediately.

You can blend your daily routine with exercises and also there is no need to spend on costly gyms. Since the size of Ab Rocket is quite small and sleek you could easily keep it in your room and you could do you work out even while watching TV. This saves a lot of time travelling to the gym or waiting for the machines to be vacated before you could use them.

Along with crunches, Ab Rocket Twister also allows you to do leg lifts, reverse crunches, knee lifts, ab twister and so on that help you in burning fat accumulated in the lower abs region.



This is another important factor that has kept Ab Rocket among the favorites list of many customers. You can try Ab Rocket for just $14.95. There are a number of discounts available from time to time.

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A regular exercise of just over 5 minutes using Ab Rocket would bring a great change in your physical health which would in turn show in your mental wellness and confidence.

The number of exercises that you can do with Ab Rocket is quite large. When done without the sort of resistance and support that is provided by Ab Rocket, you would end up getting back ache or other spine related problems. Also the slow but firm message given by the roller cushion helps you relax.

Ab Rocket sure gets double thumbs up.