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It is very essential to concentrate on our fitness and diet to avert ill health caused by junk foods. The modern day foods have become increasingly high in calories to deliver good taste and energy. This is not a happy sign and in the long run it would ruin the health and will make us to become prone for health disorders. The choice is in our hands to establish a tradeoff between our desires to eat and the diet we intake. Foods which are bigger in proportion and with lesser calories will control our hunger and helps in reducing belly fat.


Volume and Energy relationship

All the foods will have a definite amount of energy in it which is quantified in calories. Certain energy rich foods like that of processed foods, candies and desserts will have high calories with shorter size. Likewise, foods like vegetables are bigger in size and posses low calories. The latter is very good for the body as it will play a role in developing health and also keeps away physical disorders. So, now the option is yours to realize the importance of low calorie foods and replace them in place of high calorie foods.

Water and fiber contents

The amount of water content and fiber content in a food decides whether it is a low calorie or high calorie food. The higher the water content, lesser is the calories and vice versa. Grapes and watermelons are ideal examples of this category which have greater water content and fewer calories. Fiber contents are very much essential as it takes time to get digested in the body, it will give the feeling of a full stomach and eliminates hunger and thereby shuns the desire to eat more.


Vegetables like asparagus, cabbage, carrots, green beans, broccoli and zucchini are very good examples in this category having larger size and fewer calories. Fresh fruits, frozen ones and canned fruits without processing are very good choices to include in our low calorie diet. Carbohydrates rich foods like cereals, whole grains are rich in fiber content and hence come under low calorie foods. Bread and pasta, oatmeal and brown rice are best suited examples of this type. Protein foods like legumes such as peas, lentils are advisable as they are low in calories but rich in nutrients. Fish, fat free dairy products and whitish part of eggs are attributes of this type of food.


Table of foods with low calories


Credits and scale

Cereals and Rice cakes

They are about 35 calories and unsalted rice is preferable

Reduced calorie snacks and crunch foods

Craze for tastier junks need to be reduced and at times, labeled items with low calories can be taken


Good source of food with low calories but labels should be watched for content specifications

Processed foods and frozen foods

The process is done to essentially remove excess energy cover

Bouillon cubes

Need to be taken to keep up warmth

Breakfast bars, granola bars

Processed breakfast bars available in markets

Cherry tomatoes

Along with other fruits, cherry are rich in water and has only 10 calories with it


Dill pickles and dill slices are better options than bread and butter

Light breads

Lighter breads are 20 calories lesser than regular breads offering 60 calories


Water, tea and diet sodas generate good responses in body metabolism towards our positive goal

Cool whips

Frozen foods can act as substitutes for high calorie ice creams

Spreads and spices

Mustards and basic spice items are totally free of calories

Sweets, foods with high fat contents and cholesterol contents should be avoided as they are foods with essentially high calories. However, a mediocre or lower consumption of these will not create much harm to your diet.


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