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If you live a busy lifestyle that distracts you to dedicate some extra time for a proper calorie controlled diet to lose weight and if you think you do not have any option, you are wrong. There is an option for you -  NutriSystem. NutriSystem is a famous, highly respected and long established company that provides ready made and frozen diet meals that are delivered to your doorstep. Ever since this diet provider jumped to become a direct-to-consumer business plan in 1999, the NutriSystem Diet has become the solution for many problems related to weight loss.




About NutriSystem


NutriSystem Inc is a company that offers easy-to-use and convenient weight loss dieting system, and has been in the business since the early 1970s. They are well established and have been offering weight loss solutions to dieters for a long time, and have achieved a high degree of success. One can not become the most famous diet company without offering the customers with a successful weight loss system. NutriSystem knows this fact and has been working dedicatedly to give its customers with a satisfied outcome that makes its business to do well in the market for almost 4 decades.


About Program


NutriSystem’s diet program is based on low Glycemic, ‘good card’ foods. The meals are low in fat and include enough fiber and protein to help you keep your blood sugar level stable.


The NutriSystem meals include breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts that you can have everyday.  According to its  official website, with NutriSystem diet plan, you can lose about 10 pounds in 5 weeks - perhaps more pounds according to your body type.




Fast and Easy Weight Loss


The NutriSystem Television ads claim that it is one of the easiest methods in the market to help you lose weight, and they are surely right on this score. Here is how it makes easy and successful diet plan


  • Food is already prepared, and hence no cooking and no hassle 
  • It is convenient that your meals are delivered to your doorstep 
  • All the meals are nutritionally balanced, calorie controlled, varied and interesting tastes, so you will never get bored following NutriSystem Diet 
  • Wide variety of meal choices that are tasty yet healthy 


How NutriSystem Works


Choose Your Plan


  • First, select a 28-Day meal plan that is suitable for you. 
  • You can pick either from NutriSystem pre-selected favorite packages or choose to customize your menu with the foods you like. 
  • Now you can place the order for 28-Day program, or you can enroll in NutriSystem Auto-Delivery program for frequent monthly deliveries at a discount 


Food Delivered to Your Doorstep


·         You receive the order in few days, along with a precious NutriSystem Results Kit

·         You can relax with NutriSystem ‘No Brainer’ meal plan - no counting calories, carbohydrates or points.

·         Enjoy good-for-you and delicious NutriSystem meals that include fresh-frozen, gourmet cuisine - for as little as $11 per day, and even lesser when you use a NutriSystem discount code that you can find online.


Follow & Track


·         Strictly follow the meal plan that you got through the order, and you can combine NutriSystem foods with grocery items for a more balanced and healthy diet

·         You can learn portion control, and eat frequently all through the day to help yourself prevent cravings

·         Lose weight consistently

·         Access the free online community and weight loss trackers to track your weight loss sucess.


Science behind NutriSystem


So, what is the secret behind NutriSystem? They have got science on their side.  NutriSystem is based on the proven science of the GI (Glycemic Index), consuming low-GI meals frequently i.e. 5-6 times a day helps you keep your metabolism and blood sugar level stable, hence your body burns more calories effectively.


Low Glycemic Index (GI) carbs is a measure of the carbohydrates quality and how they impact blood sugar levels.  Carbohydrates that are broken down gradually are regarded as low on the GI, which is good. Then again, carbohydrates that are broken down too quick may cause in the rise of insulin levels in the blood that causes body to store fat and make you feel hungry even straight after a meal. So, NutriSystem makes sure that the meals are made up of lots of low GI carbs and totally avoids high GI carbs.


In addition, NutriSystem discovered a method to make dieting doable through providing its customers with the foods they love minus the guilt part. Menu staples like Chocolates, Mac & Cheese, Lasagna and so on are given a good-to-eat spin with protein, fiber and good carbohydrates to help you control cravings to keep you feeling satisfied. The meals are packed into the right portion size so you avoid going overboard.


Over all, NutriSystem is a complete and balanced approach to lose weight and live healthier.



NutriSystem Diet Plans


NutriSystem offers various types of diet plans that are tailor made for various groups that are available for


  • Women 
  • Men 
  • Women over 60 
  • Men over 60 
  • Type 2 diabetes sufferers and 
  • Vegetarians 


NutriSystem Menu


NutriSystem Menu includes two types - NutriSystem Select and NutriSystem basic.


NutriSystem Select

  • 10 days of fresh-frozen, chef inspired menu items 
  • 18 days of ready-to-go satisfying foods 
  • Above 150 variety menu options 


NutriSystem Basic

  • 28 days of ready-to-go delicious menu items 
  • No refrigeration required - packaged for portability 
  • Above 130 variety menu options 


NutriSystem Program Includes


You can enjoy 28-days of delicious and perfectly portioned meals - including fresh-frozen and gourmet cuisine that is combined with a balanced meal plan for a successful weight loss. The program includes:


  • Easy-to-follow meal plan that teaches the customers what, when and how to eat. 
  • NutriSystem breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert daily for 28 days 
  • Free mindset makeover online guide worth $24.95 
  • Free helpful online tools and trackers 
  • Free counseling from dietitians and counselors through personal access 
  • Results kit that includes Dining Out Guide, Daily Meal Planner, and Resource Guide 
  • Low-Glycemic meal plan - eating 5-6 times a day to help you stabilize your blood sugar level 


NutriSystem Features




Ice Cream Sundaes, Cheesy Chicken Quesadillas, Sweet Cinnamon Buns and many more come under diet food, do you believe? Just because that you are following a weight loss program does not mean you need to sacrifice your favorite and delicious food.  NutriSystem upgraded 2011 menu offers a wide range of selection of over 150 chef inspired entries and desserts that include fresh frozen and gourmet items - so you will definitely find the favorite dishes that you love. The variety of NutriSystem tasty food satisfies your cravings throughout the day including breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts daily.




NutriSystem is a balanced and proven approach of eating and losing weight simultaneously that helps you understand healthy habits of life. NutriSystem entrees and desserts include Low-Glycemic good carbs, fiber, protein, low fat, low sodium, and no trans fats.


In addition, each meal is already prepared for you and is suitable for a total weight loss program that is uniquely developed to provide maximum results. You can also add fresh vegetables, fruits, salads, and dairy products to your NutriSystem plan, hence guaranteeing balanced nutrition diet everyday. All together, you will enjoy a nutritious yet delicious food that helps you in weight loss



Hunger Control


It is not possible for you to lose weight if you cannot control your hunger. That is the reason, NutriSystem pack their foods with fiber and good carbs that makes you feel stomach full for longer time so you will stick to the program and lose more weight.


In addition, you eat all your favorite foods like chips, pasta, chocolates, pizza, etc, that help you enjoy your cravings throughout the day to keep your body burn fat effectively.




When a diet program is easy-to-follow, you will easily succeed with it. The same thing applies to NutriSystem diet system. NutriSystem plans are completely customizable and have built-in convenient features for a successful weight-loss such as home delivery, pre-prepared heat-and-serve meals, easy-to-follow meal plans, and so on.


NutriSystem has created a total weight loss plan that is suitable for those who are busy yet willing to follow a weight-loss program. Many NutriSystem existing customers claim that no other program that they have tried so far is as easy as NutriSystem diet program is, and they say this is more convenient to follow than many others.




Any diet program should be affordable so that people can try and test it. Noting this point, NutriSystem has come up with a diet program that is suitable for both the consumer needs and the budget.


NutriSystem offers meal programs for as little as $3 per meal that offers delicious and effective weight loss program at such a low price; and you can get it for a lesser price when you use a NutriSystem discount code or coupon while ordering the product. NutriSystem is far cheaper when compared to the money you spend on grocery items or dinning out each week. Also, NutriSystem is at least $100 less than other weight-loss programs in the market.


In addition, NutriSystem provides a membership with free counseling and free online access to entire website that is full of weight loss tools and trackers. Most of the existing customers say that NutriSystem provides the best value for their money.


NutriSystem Discount Codes


NutriSystem offers discounts that are widely available online. You can use these coupons during every order you make.




NutriSystem Support


As a valuable customer NutriSystem provides you personal access to wide array of its online support tools and features that include


·         Complete online food diary & diet trackers

·         Motivational progress reports

·         Dynamic blogs, discussion boards,  and chat rooms

·         Personal advices from dietitians and counselors

·         Convenient account management

·         Access to Inventive  Recipe Center

·         Exercise forums including tips and routines

·         Informative and inspiring Daily Dose & Online Newsletters


Money Back Guarantee


NutriSystem is so confident that the customers will love their foods that they offer an incredible money back guarantee - to try their foods for a week. If you do not like the foods for any reason, you can simply call on 1-877-338-8446, and send the remaining 3 weeks food to get a full refund of your purchase price and less shipping. However, this money back guarantee applies to first time orders only.


Auto Delivery


With NutriSystem’s auto-delivery program, you will get a 10% discount on the regular 28-day program price and free shipping when you remain on the NutriSystem diet program for at least 2 orders. With this feature, your order will be delivered for every 4 weeks automatically, until you cancel. You will get an email reminder when your next order is to be shipped. You can call NutriSystem anytime to edit, delay or customize your auto-delivery order at anytime.




NutriSystem is one of the least expensive among all the diet programs in the market. You can also avail discounts on the regular price through NutriSystem discount codes that you gather online. The major factor that makes NutriSystem to offer lesser prices and discounts is because food is prepared and packaged at their own company premises.


During a recent comparison of its prices with its major competitor, Jenny Craig, it was found that NutriSystem prices were almost 4 times cheaper than Jenny Craig, and considerably cheaper than Diet-To-Go and eDiets. 






NutriSystem is the one that has the best track record among the dietary programs in the market. They have been offering the weight-loss programs for a very long time and succeeded in the business for almost 4 decades that proves how efficient their weight-loss programs are.


NutriSystem gourmet and fresh-frozen cuisines are quite easy-to-use, appetizing, and extremely affordable - starting at $11 a day, even less when you enter NutriSystem discount code while ordering the program.


If you are seriously looking for a reliable, proven and an affordable program where almost everything is already done for you and are delivered to you at your doorstep, then NutriSystem is an excellent choice for you.