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Craze for slender and toned body, is spreading like wildfire among the young and old alike. People are now interested in equipment, that can give them best results with the least effort.

Many such equipment have thus become popular; like the abdominal muscle toning belts, slimming gels, herbal tablets and creams that promise spot reduction and toning of muscles.

Among these, the abdominal Belts, which are based on the technology used in physical therapy treatment, are popular, mainly due to their scientific base. These belts work using electric impulse.

These signals are transferred through the gel pads to the muscles. Thus the abdominal muscles work by themselves, and get toned and firm.

Flex Belt and Slendertone Belts are two influential names in the fitness industry, and have gained quite a good reputation for themselves. However, in the course of their development as a brand, they keep surpassing each other in terms of effectiveness and user friendly attributes.

The Flex Belt

Among the various Abs Belts available in the market the Flex Belt has carved a special niche for itself; as a popular brand and a product that is sought after by more and more people every day. This is not just because it delivers, but also due to the continuous up-gradation of the product in terms of technology.

The manufacturers of Flex Belt try to include as many goodies into their package as possible. For instance, the rechargeable battery, extension cords for larger waists, carrying case, user manual and a lot of other valuable free stuff.

The Belt gives great results, and has been proven by multiple clinical trials. The Journal of Sports has published an article on multiple clinical trials conducted, giving it credibility. It keeps up the promise of fat reduction.

The Slendertone Belt

Though built to generate great results, the Slendertone belt belongs to a group of Abs Belts that are one generation behind the newest Flex Belts. It has a lot of short-comings, in terms of design and results.

Yet, the slendertone belt has been successful as a brand mainly due to its lower pricing, as compared to other products in the market.

Here is a direct comparison of Flex Belt and Slendertone Belts for better understanding and easy assessment of performance.


 Properties  Flex belt  Slendertone Belt

Cost of the belt  


$199.00 Plus $12.95 Service and Handling charges.


$149.99 plus service and Handling charges extra.


Money Back Guarantee


60 days money back guarantees available which gives you ample time to see for yourselves the working of the belt and reduction in weight.


No money back guarantee. You have to buy the product paying the full amount to check if it works. There is no turning back after placing an order.


Extension cord for people with larger waists


The initial package contains an extension cord that helps in adjusting the length of the belt in case you require a longer one.


The belt comes in a single size assuming it will fit any size.


Clinical trials and their results


Multiple clinical trials are conducted and the result of the largest trial was published in the Journal of Sports. 100% of participants of the trial confirmed better toning of their abs when the belt was continuously used, 92.3% reported increase in firmness of Abs muscles.


There is no mention of any such trials on the website of the belt.




The manufacturers of Flex Belt have come up with a number of innovative and highly useful accessories for toning different parts of body such as the biceps, thighs and the buttock.


There are no accessories per se. However instruction of how to use the belt on different parts of the body is given clearly.


Gel Pads


With initial order you get 4 gel pads free of cost.


Three gel pads are given along with the belt.


Bonus material

The Flex Belt comes with quite a lot of bonus materials. They often provide online access to the patent pending Meal Planning Technology for advanced nutrition and weight loss ($50 value). Sometimes, they also provide a box of Slim 10® Weight Loss Supplements – which is a valuable formula that contains 10 diverse patented and clinically proven weight loss ingredients (a $90 value). And a free 1-year subscription to either: Fitness, Elle, or Maxim Magazines (a $50 value).


Slendertone Abs belt comes with a Nutrition and Exercise Guide, the value of which is unknown.



Model number


The model number on Flex Belt says it is X-70


The slender belt is of quite an old generation and belongs to model number X-10.


Variations in training programs


The Flex Belt has three new exercise programs enabling you to perform a total of 10 types of training programs to increase muscle endurance and toning them better.



Only 7 type of training programs are available.



Intensity levels in training program


Intensity level up to 150.


Intensity level up to 99.



Warranty of product 


Two years warranty on the product with 60 days money back guarantee.


One year warranty with no guarantee 

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When planning to buy an abs belt, it makes sense to compare the pros and cons, given in our review of the most popular brands before narrowing down on the Belt that would suit you the most.

For people who place importance on quality and results, Flex Belt is the best choice. Their customer service is excellent and reliable. The product reaches you within a week of placing the order.

The accessories help you tone your complete body, making your dream for a fit and toned body come true.

However, for those who weigh price more than quality, slendertone abs belt is not a bad choice.